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Pamper Your Pooch!

One of our most popular areas of the store has to be the Dog Grooming. We have skilled Dog groomers who have all been professionally trained available Monday – Friday to provide a top quality grooming experience for you and your pets.  All of our groomers take the time to talk to all our customers making sure they are getting exactly what they want.   The Grooming doesn't stop at just the hair cut but also our groomers can give expert advice on shampoo, skin issues, diet etc...  So if you want the best for your pet then look no further than the Pet Essentials Dog Groomers!   Call now to make an appointment.

Dog Grooming

Deluxe Full Groom

Wash and dry 2 shampoos to suit your dog’s coat type. Blow-dry, Brush, styled haircut, nail clip and Ear Pluck + Clean. (For double coat full de-shedding instead of haircut)
$69 Small $79 Medium  $99 Large $119 X-Large

Mini Groom 

Bath, blow-dry, brush, nails clipped, ears cleaned, sanitary clip, under paws, face and tail tidy. (This does not include full body clip or scissoring)
$50 Small $60 Medium  $80 Large $100 X-Large

Basic Groom

Clipper cut only the same short length from head to toe. Wash and dry 2 shampoos to suit your dogs coat type, towel dry and blow-dry to finish up. Nails clipped, sanitary tidy and feet tidy. Feet and around eyes, ears and tail will be the only areas scissored as the rest will be done with clippers.
(Clipping length only between 3-6mm)
$49 Small $59 Medium $79 Large $89 X-Large

Puppy Groom

Washed with our delicious puppy shampoo. Towel Dried and finished with our quiet puppy drier. Coat brushed out. Nails clipped, sanitary tidy, under feet tidy and face tidy. Available for puppies up to 6 months of age.
From $50 dependant on age & size

Hand Stripping etc

This service is everything in the Deluxe Groom but instead of clipping or scissoring the coat it is hand stripped using grooming powder and specialised grooming tools. This service is suited to breeds such as border terriers etc.
Small / Medium Prices start at $90

Matted Coats

While we encourage regular grooming to prevent matted coats, we can offer a de-matting service which is charged at $20 per 20 minutes.

We do Reserve the right not to de-matt if we believe unnecessary pain will be caused to your dog. Sometimes a short clip is the best option but grooms will be charged at the Deluxe groom price or slightly more if two staff are required.

Breed Standard Clips

Price determined by size and clip required.

Additional Info

Prices are based on your dog being of standard breed size and their coat being of good condition on arrival at the salon.

Dogs MUST be walked into the store on a lead and leave on a lead.

Extra charges may be applicable in the following instances: 

  • If a dog is difficult to handle and requires two members of staff. 
  • Late collection fee after our normal grooming time of $20 for 30 minutes. 
  • Grooming time from Drop off to pick up will be approximately 3 hours unless prior arrangement. 
  • No Show fee of $20 will be charged on failure to arrive for appointment without 24 hours notice

For Bookings & Enquiries 

Phone (09) 438 8835

Dog Washing

Wash + Dry Short Haired

Two Shampoos to suit your dogs coat type. Towel dry, then finished with our dryers.
$25 Small $35 Medium $50 Large $60 X-Large

Wash + Dry Long Haired

Two Shampoos to suit your dog’s coat. Towel dry, then finished with our dryers and then brushed out.
$35 Small $45 Medium $65 Large $80 X-Large


1 for $15     2 for $25     3 for $30

• Nail Clip
• Sanitary Tidy
• Teeth Clean
• Feet tidy
• Tail Tidy
• Face Tidy
• Ear Tidy
• De-Shedding with Firminator
• Ear Pluck/Clean (Ear Pluck Optional)

*Flea Shampoo - $5 on top wash + dry or grooming services
*Natural Shampoo option - $5 on top wash + dry or 
  grooming services

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